Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing up is hard to do!?!?

My six year old had a new revelation to share with us last night! She had the notion that because her classmate is allowed to wear a training bra (at age 6) that she too, needs one. I was literally dumbfounded and didn't know what to say or how to react. How do I explain to a 6 yr old that she's not yet developed in that way? How do I clearly inform her that just because another 6 yr olds mom thought this was a wonderful gesture (perhaps to wean her little one out of her early and innocent youth and into womanhood) isn’t what 6 yr olds need...AT ALL!!!

I honestly don't know what this mom was thinking (or not thinking for that matter) when she purchased an unnecessary piece of undergarment which will eventually be a necessity in a young girls life, and throughout her life thereafter ultimately becoming a nuisance! What happened to letting kids be kids, and allowing them the innocence that we so wish we could have held onto before growing up into “mature” and “wise” adults?

I know I’m getting way too caught up with this one act of mindlessness, but I do know that I would never allow my pure and innocent little 6 year to walk around with a bra. Especially because the bras we used to know, which were meant to serve as a comfort feminine item, now take on a totally different meaning. NOW an undergarment requires sexy strap on lingerie pieces, and wings (on top of it all) to go with it! The marketing geniuses behind it all wants average women to admire these undergarments on beautiful, desirable women that strut the runways wearing them while they have 8 foot wings attached to their backs, and 6 inch heels on their feet! In my opinion, this makes your regular bra wearing everyday normal woman seem a little "odd"-especially if she’s not comfortable with the idea of wearing a bra just because it’s sexy!

Ok so I’m being a little hard on those who desire a little sexiness in their lives and yes perhaps I am a little guilty of admiring my own femininity, but I’m an adult with good sound judgment. And these suggestive ads and products aren’t necessarily a good influence on our young girls and conceivably not on their moms who lack better judgment so they get sucked into it all because it’s stridently promoted! I don’t know how to help them, that’s for sure, but that’s just my thought on it for now….feel free to share yours! =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Confessions of a Chocoholic....

I have been overly consumed by diet and exercise pretty much since puberty! Ever since I hit adolescence my weight has been on and off, and it's always been a difference of a few pounds here and there. But of course, at that age I could starve myself senseless and be fine. And somehow, I must've convinced myself that chocolate contained the bubonic plaque or something because I managed to avoid it for about 4 years!!! As a matter of fact, it wasn't until college that I rediscovered chocolate doughnuts displayed so superbly amidst the sewer fog and traffic on the street corners of NYC vendors. Sure I felt guilty after 4+ years of avoiding it, but I didn't gain weight! I was 19 for God sake!

But for the last 2+ years my weight's mostly ON! I really thought hard as to why I had gained the weight I did and when?? It sneaked up on me so fast, and by the time I knew it the button and zipper on my jeans wouldn't reach and I was over 20/22 lbs. I know to some that may not be a lot of weight but for my 5'3 frame, it really is!

I realized that in the past 2 and half years all I've done is SIT! I sit 37 hrs a week at work, I sit 2 hours to and from work during my commute, and I sit 6 hrs a week in class...therefore I've put on weight. And I exercise if and when I get the chance and between papers due, my daughters school work (she's in kindergarten and yes they have work) and dance classes, I try and squeeze everything in!

I discovered that I love cardio kickboxing, but my schedule doesn't allow it (not now at least) and I even bought a treadmill from my friend and neighbor, and use it maybe 2x a week, but compared to how often I sit, it's really not much! I would have to be on the damn thing 3 hrs each of those 2 days in order to make up for all the time I'm plopped on my a$$! And of course, I love food, therefore I EAT!

The good news is, after much trial and error of diets, like "weightwatchers" and the "all protein diet", I've discovered the "south beach" diet. Thanks to my good friend Violet who told me about it, I started the first phase and in two weeks lost about 7 pounds. But as usual my busy schedule got the best of me and I am near where I was, and although I didn't put it all back on, I think I have to restart the first phase of the diet, which really doesn't feel like a diet at all! I didn't feel deprived so that's gotta be good news!

But in all honesty, the south beach diet was the only diet I didn't feel hungry while on, and my biggest problem/challenge is chocolate. I had some serious withdrawal in the first week, but the first two weeks did help get rid of some of the addiction but I still need HELP for my chocolate addiction! It's just too darn good!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Full of surprises and apparently some questions...

This weekend I thought I had a lot figured out in terms of completing some much needed thesis work and research. However, to my shock/dismay I was thrown off completely and without divulging in any details (not yet at least) I will say simply this...I am screwed!!!! I had a lot of work underway and now it may all take a different turn, I just hope it's for the best.

On a lighter and better note, the weekend was great and full of busy activities with my daughter. First a surprise sleepover, followed by dance that afternoon, followed by a much needed glass or two of wine while celebrating a good friends birthday! Which brings me to my inquiry on "maturity" I call it that because I don't believe "getting older" is a nice term but maybe someone will leave some feedback on this topic?

So my point is, I am not the same rock star party goer I once was because by the time it was midnight, I was beat! I just wanted to be in bed and although hanging with good friends and dancing was so much fun, I really paid for it the next morning! (later in the day I felt better by exercising and drinking lots and lots of h2o)

So what I'm really getting at is, is it the "getting mature" thing kicking in or is it the difference of lifestyle? When we're in our teens and early 20's we're running around yes, but is it because it's not the same type of running around? If you minus kids, groceries, cleaning, running errands (ones in which you may have to hang around for hours like the DMV) what are you really doing? I remember doing a lot then, in my teens and 20's as well, but it was all about ME! not that that's bad, it was great! I just live differently now, but my real questions is about it that much of a factor in how well you feel and how well you play? age v. lifestyle, anyone care to elaborate?

Friday, March 19, 2010

The first BLOG!

This is a blog dedicated to informing, empowering and building confidence in the everyday gentlewoman warrior who battles and juggles a career, family, children, home, basically LIFE!  Even those personal interests like art, fitness, exercise, beauty , sex (if time for any) and rest that we all need in order to relax and calm can feel like a task and take it's toll on us, but just when it seems like it's never going to get accomplished, it does!  Applaud yourself because you're a gentlewoman warrior!
I know first hand what it's like to be overly stressed with deadlines to meet, errands to run, kids to pick up and drop off, papers due, friendships to maintain and social events to attend!  But here's where you can bring your advice and ideas to the table and help mothers, students, and those like yourself who multitask, bring ideas and insights on how to do it all and stay sane!
I hope you'll join my blog as I enjoy hearing from others about similar and/or different lifestyles. I also love writing, and have finally managed to gather my thoughts and start a blog! WISH ME LUCK, PLEASE!   =)